Our physicians take steps to ensure the accurate diagnosis of ADD or ADHD in their patients, and, after establishing the diagnosis, our physicians carefully manage the care of those patients. Our physicians are experienced in caring for children with ADD or ADHD; however, in order to achieve truly comprehensive care, the parents, child, teachers and doctors involved should strive to work together in creating a plan that is specific to and appropriate for your child.


Does your child struggle to concentrate? Have difficulties completing tasks? Act impulsively? When these behaviors are present in more than one setting, such as in school and in the home, they could be symptoms of ADD or ADHD.

Initial Evaluation

If the above symptoms are present in your child’s behaviors, he or she could be suffering from ADD or ADHD. The process of diagnosing ADD or ADHD begins with you and your child’s teachers. Before arriving for your initial evaluation, we request that the following questionnaires be completed. Bring these questionnaires to your child’s initial ADD/ADHD evaluation, as they will be the primary tool in diagnosing the disorder.

Vanderbilt Assessment Scale – Parent - Please print and complete one copy.

Vanderbilt Assessment Scale – Teacher - Please print two copies. Provide the first copy to your child’s primary teacher. Provide the second copy to another academic teacher (P.E. teachers, music teachers, and other extra-curricular teachers should not be provided with these forms as children may be prone to hyperactivity in these classes). If your child is in elementary school and there is not a second teacher who would be appropriate, print only one teacher questionnaire and provide it to your child’s primary teacher.  Please your teacher to fax the completed form to our office at 281-370-8765.  We are unable to accept a teacher Vanderbilt from a parent.

Initial Evaluation – Key Facts

  • Contact our office to schedule your child’s initial ADD/ADHD evaluation
  • Print and complete the required questionnaires
  • Bring the required questionnaires to your child’s initial ADD/ADHD evaluation

Managing ADHD

After we have established an ADD or ADHD diagnosis, regular follow-up visits and medication management are important aspects of care.

Continued Care (“Med Evals”)

  • Three weeks after the initial evaluation and diagnosis of ADD/ADHD, a follow visit is required. This visit provides the opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and address any immediate concerns prior to the first medication refill.
  • After your child’s first refill, we require quarterly evaluations (every three months), referred to by our staff as “Med Evals” (Medication Evaluations). These evaluations are the only way to detect any serious side effects caused by the drugs used to treat ADD/ADHD, and are therefore mandatory.
  • Med Evals are scheduled during specified times and are not performed on Saturdays. The earliest availability may be several days in the future, so please plan accordingly.

Continued Care – Key Facts

  • A follow-up is required prior to your first refill
  • We require quarterly “Med Evals” (No exceptions!)
  • Med Evals are not performed on Saturdays
  • Schedule your next Med Eval in advance

Medication and Refills

  • The medications prescribed for ADD/ADHD are controlled substances regulated and monitored by the government. These regulations state that controlled substance prescriptions must be written by a physician and cannot be called-in to your pharmacy. Parents will be required to appear in-person and provide a signature before receiving their child’s monthly prescription.
  • Only a 30 day prescription may be given at a time (use of mail order pharmacies may provide an exception).
  • Prescriptions expire after twenty-one (21) days.
  • The prescription will be written by the physician who manages your child’s care. Please contact the prescribing physician’s primary location to request refills.
  • We require at least two (2) days notice for all ADD/ADHD medication refills, and we do not take refill requests on Saturdays, so please be sure to contact us well before your child’s medication has depleted.
  • We will decline to refill your child’s medication if he or she has not appeared for a “Med Eval” within the last three months.
  • If there are any medication changes or other concerns, the physician may require additional follow up visits.

Medication and Refills – Key Facts

  • Your child must have a current Med Eval to receive a refill
  • We require two (2) days notice for refill requests
  • We do not accept refill requests on Saturdays
  • Contact the prescribing physician’s primary location for refills
  • Parents must appear in-person to receive ADD/ADHD prescriptions